Shivani Rajashekar is an Indian actress and model known for her work in the Telugu film industry. She was supposed to represent Tamil Nadu in the Femina Miss India 2022 contest, but because of some medical issues, she withdrew.

Shivani rajashekar

  • Nickname: Shivani
  • Born: July 1, 1996 (age 27)
  • Birthplace: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Occupation: Actress
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Early Life

Shivani Rajashekar was born on July 1, 1996, in Hyderabad, India, into a family deeply entrenched in the Telugu film industry. She is the daughter of renowned Telugu actor Rajasekhar and actress Jeevitha. She has a sister, named Shivathmika Rajashekar. Growing up in an environment surrounded by the glitz and glamour of cinema, Shivani developed a keen interest in acting from a very young age.

Despite being part of a famous showbiz family, Shivani Rajashekar pursued her education in Hyderabad before stepping into the world of acting. Her early life experiences and exposure to the industry undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping her passion for the craft.

Shivani’s decision to enter the film industry reflects a natural inclination towards the art form, influenced by her familial background. Her journey from a childhood amidst the cinephile atmosphere to becoming an actress showcases a blend of innate talent and the impact of her upbringing.


Debut and Early Career:

Shivani Rajashekar made her acting debut with the Telugu film “Adbhutham” in 2021. The film showcased her acting skills and marked her entry into the industry. Following her debut, Shivani has actively pursued opportunities in Telugu cinema, taking on diverse roles to exhibit her versatility.

Notable Projects:

Following her debut, Shivani Rajashekar continued to explore diverse roles. She was part of the 2021 film “Adbhutham,” contributing to her growing filmography. Her performances have been noted for a blend of grace and depth, earning her recognition among audiences.

Shivani Rajashekar remains actively engaged in the Telugu film industry, with involvement in various upcoming projects. The specifics may vary, but her commitment to challenging roles and contributing to different genres highlights her dedication to evolving as an actress.

Shivani Rajashekar has been gaining attention not only for her acting skills but also for her presence on social media. She maintains a balance between her professional and personal life, connecting with fans and sharing glimpses of her journey in the film industry.

As Shivani Rajashekar continues to navigate her career, her versatility and commitment to her craft position her as a promising talent in the evolving landscape of Telugu cinema.

Shivani Rajashekar’s latest photos


  • Adbhutham (2021)
  • WWW (2021)
  • Nenjuku Needhi (2022)
  • Shekar (2022)
  • Anbarivu (2022)
  • Kota Bommali PS (2023)
  • Vidya Vasula Aham (2023)
  • Jilebi (2023)
  • Aha Naa Pellanta (2023)

Web series

2023Aha Naa PellantaMahaZEE5

Shivani Rajashekar Social Media Profiles

Shivani’s filmography reflects a range of projects, from her debut in “Adbhutham” to her recent ventures like “Vidya Vasula Aham” and the web series “Aha Naa Pellanta.” Her commitment to exploring diverse roles and genres contributes to her evolving presence in the Telugu film industry.

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