Maya S Krishnan, a versatile Indian actress, model, and singer, has carved her niche in the Tamil film industry. This article takes you on a captivating journey through her life, from her early days to her remarkable career in cinema, theater, and television.

Maya S Krishnan

  • Nickname: Maya
  • Born: Aprile 15,1996 (age 27)
  • Birthplace: Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Occupation: Actress
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Early Life: The Foundations of Maya S Krishnan

Maya S Krishnan, hailing from the vibrant city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, India, was born into a world pulsating with culture and artistry. Her formative years were spent in Madurai, where she embarked on her academic journey at the esteemed TVS Lakshmi Matriculation Higher Secondary School. It was during these early years that Maya’s multifaceted talent began to emerge.

From a young age, Maya showcased not only academic prowess but also a flair for athleticism. She made her mark as a child gymnast, capturing attention with her agility and skill. This was exemplified when she secured an impressive 6th position in gymnastics during the Nationals, an achievement that hinted at the remarkable journey ahead. Beyond her individual accomplishments, Maya’s connection to the world of music was deeply rooted in her family. Her sister, Swagatha S. Krishnan, established herself as a notable singer in the Tamil industry, fostering a familial bond intertwined with the rich tapestry of the region’s artistic heritage.

Maya’s pursuit of education took her to the prestigious Amrita University School of Engineering in Bangalore, where she delved into the realms of engineering. This academic chapter marked not only a commitment to intellectual growth but also laid the foundation for her future endeavors in the entertainment industry. Maya S Krishnan’s early life, characterized by a harmonious blend of academic excellence, athleticism, and artistic influences, set the stage for the dynamic career that would unfold in the years to come.


Maya S Krishnan’s foray into the world of theatre and film marked a transformative chapter in her career. The turning point came with her debut in James Vasanthan’s “Vaanavil Vaazhkai,” where she showcased her versatility by cutting her hair short to authentically portray a singer. This bold move not only demonstrated her commitment to her craft but also hinted at the fearless approach she would adopt in her future roles.

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Maya S Krishnan’s cinematic journey continued with noteworthy appearances, including playing a reporter in “Thodari” (2016) and contributing to impactful movies like “Dhruva Natchathiram,” “2.0,” “Magalir Mattum,” and “Server Sundaram.” Maya’s ability to seamlessly transition between diverse roles highlighted her acting prowess and contributed to her growing acclaim in the Tamil film industry.

Beyond the silver screen, Maya S Krishnan found herself immersed in the world of theatre as an integral part of the Perch Theater Group. The group embarked on a journey, touring various cities with the stage play “Kira Kozhambu,” alongside fellow actors Ravindra Vijay and Anand Sami. This production, based on Ki. Rajanarayanan’s collection of short stories titled “Nattuppura Kadhai Kalanjiyam,” garnered widespread praise for its unique format. With almost 100 performances across the country, the play featured solely the trio of actors and a bench, showcasing Maya’s ability to captivate audiences on stage. Critics lauded the seamless blend of art and entertainment, acknowledging the trio—Anand Sami, Maya S Krishnan, and Ravindra Vijay—for their exceptional performances.

Filmography: A Cinematic Odyssey of Maya S Krishnan

Maya S Krishnan has left an indelible mark on the Tamil film industry with her diverse and captivating roles. Let’s delve into her cinematic journey:


  1. Vaanavil Vaazhkai (2015)
  2. Thodari (2016)
  3. Server Sundaram (TBA)
  4. Magalir Mattum (2017)
  5. Velaikkaran (2017)
  6. My Son Is Gay (2017)
  7. Yenda Thalaiyila Yenna Vekkala (2018)
  8. 2.0 (2018)
  9. Vikram (2022)
  10. Leo (2023)

Web Series:

  1. Time Enna Boss (2020)
    • Role: Velleli
    • Network: Amazon Prime
    • Notes: Maya S Krishnan made a special appearance in this web series.
  2. LOL – Enga Siri Paappom (2021)
    • Role: Maya
    • Notes: Maya continued her digital ventures with a role in this web series.
  3. 3BHK (2022)
    • Role: Anjana V
    • Network: YouTube
    • Notes: Maya S Krishnan extended her presence to YouTube with this web series.


  • Ki Ra Kozhambu (The Perch)
    • Notes: Maya S Krishnan is an integral part of the Perch Theater Group, contributing to the success of this play.


  1. Start Music Season 1 (2019)
    • Role: Herself
    • Channel: Vijay TV
    • Notes: Maya S Krishnan ventured into television, showcasing her personality on this music-based show.
  2. Murattu Singles Manmadhan (2021)
    • Role: Judge / Angel (swapped with Gabriella)
    • Notes: Maya S Krishnan added a judging role to her television repertoire.
  3. Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 (2023)
    • Role: Contestant
    • Notes: Maya’s participation in this popular reality show adds a new dimension to her television journey.

Maya S Krishnan’s filmography is a testament to her versatility, as she seamlessly transitions between films, web series, theatre, and television, leaving an enduring impact on each platform she graces.

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What was Maya S. Krishnan’s debut film?

Maya marked her acting debut with the college musical film “Vaanavil Vaazhkai” (2015), portraying the character Swetha.

What makes Maya’s stage play “Kira Kozhambu” unique?

The play, based on Ki. Rajanarayanan’s short stories, features Maya along with Anand Sami and Ravindra Vijay, garnering critical acclaim.

Can you highlight Maya’s notable film credits?

Maya has portrayed diverse roles, from a reporter in Thodari (2016) to significant roles in 2.0 and Magalir Mattum.

What inspired Maya to transition from gymnastics to the entertainment industry?

Maya’s love for theatre and film sparked her shift from gymnastics to the world of cinema.

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