Dr Sharmika Saran

Dr Sharmika Saran is a Siddha doctor and social media personality known for her appearances on various media channels where she provides advice on Siddha medicine and wellness. She is also recognized as the daughter of prominent Tamil Nadu politician Daisy Saran, who holds the position of Managing Director at Daisy Healthcare Pvt Ltd in Tirupur and Sarans Hospitals in Coimbatore.

Early Life and Education

Dr Sharmika Saran was born into a family deeply rooted in the healthcare industry and politics. Her mother, Daisy Saran, has made significant contributions to healthcare services in the region, and her influence has played a pivotal role in Sharmika’s journey in the field of medicine.

Sharmika pursued her education in Siddha medicine, a traditional Indian system of medicine that emphasizes natural remedies and holistic healing. Her dedication and passion for Siddha medicine led her to become a qualified Siddha doctor.

NameDr. Sharmika Saran
Real NameSharmika Saran
ProfessionSiddha Doctor
Date of Birth1994, age 29 years
FamilyFather: Saran Ramachandran
Mother: Daisy Saran
Marital StatusMarried
Birth PlaceCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Current CityChennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Media Appearances and Controversies

Dr Sharmika Saran gained prominence through her appearances on various media channels, where she shared her expertise in Siddha medicine and wellness. Some of the media outlets that featured her include Behindwoods and others. Through these platforms, she offered insights into the principles and practices of Siddha medicine, as well as tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

However, her media presence was not without controversy. Allegations were raised against Sharmika for providing misinformation to viewers in some of her appearances. Concerns were voiced about the accuracy and scientific basis of some of her claims related to Siddha medicine. In response to these allegations, the Tamil Nadu Board of Indian Medicine took action and granted her a 15-day window to explain and clarify her statements.

Personal Life

Aside from her professional pursuits, Dr Sharmika Saran is known for her personal interests and hobbies:

  • Foodie: Sharmika is a self-proclaimed food enthusiast who enjoys exploring new restaurants and cuisines. Her passion for food is evident through her social media presence, where she often shares her culinary experiences and recommendations.
  • Dog Lover: Sharmika is an avid dog lover and has a pet dog named Coffee. Her affection for her furry companion is evident in the pictures and posts she shares on her social media platforms.
  • Social Media Presence: As of January 2023, Dr Sharmika Saran boasts a substantial following on Instagram, with more than 323,000 followers. Her social media presence allows her to connect with a wide audience and share her interests and experiences.

Dr Sharmika Saran photos

Social media References

  1. Daisy Healthcare Pvt Ltd
  2. Instagram

Dr Sharmika Saran continues to be a prominent figure in the field of Siddha medicine, leveraging her knowledge and passion to educate and inspire others. Her personal interests, such as her love for food and dogs, add depth to her public persona and contribute to her popularity on social media. While her media appearances have sparked debate and controversy, they have also brought attention to the ancient system of Siddha medicine and the need for responsible dissemination of information in the field.

FAQ on Dr. Sharmika Saran

Certainly, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to Dr. Sharmika Saran:

1. Who is Dr Sharmika Saran?

  • Dr Sharmika Saran is a Siddha doctor and social media influencer known for her expertise in Siddha medicine and holistic wellness.

2. What is Siddha medicine?

  • Siddha medicine is a traditional Indian system of medicine that emphasizes natural remedies, herbal treatments, and holistic healing practices.

3. What is Dr Sharmika Saran’s professional background?

  • Dr Sharmika Saran is a qualified Siddha doctor with her own clinic, where she provides Siddha medicine and wellness services.

4. Does Dr. Sharmika Saran have a YouTube channel?

  • Yes, Dr Sharmika Saran has a YouTube channel where she shares insights on Siddha medicine and holistic wellness. She has gained over 100,000 subscribers within a short period.

5. When was Dr. Sharmika Saran’s YouTube channel created?

  • Dr Sharmika Saran’s YouTube channel was created on December 15, 2022.

6. How did Dr. Sharmika Saran gain a large following on her YouTube channel quickly?

  • Dr Sharmika Saran’s rapid growth on YouTube is attributed to the high quality of content she provides. Her expertise in Siddha medicine and engaging presentation style attracted a significant number of viewers and subscribers.

7. What are some topics covered on Dr. Sharmika Saran’s YouTube channel?

  • Dr Sharmika Saran’s YouTube channel covers a wide range of topics related to Siddha medicine, holistic wellness, and natural remedies for various health issues.

8. What are Dr. Sharmika Saran’s contributions to the field of Siddha medicine?

  • Dr. Sharmika Saran has made significant contributions to Siddha medicine through her clinic and her online presence. She is known for promoting the benefits of Siddha medicine and holistic healing.

9. Is Dr. Sharmika Saran involved in any philanthropic activities?

  • Information about Dr. Sharmika Saran’s philanthropic activities is not included in the provided details.

10. Does Dr. Sharmika Saran share personal information such as her mobile phone number publicly?
– No, it is not advisable to share personal contact information, including a mobile phone number, publicly to respect her privacy and ensure responsible online behavior.

Please note that the information in these FAQs is based on the details provided earlier and may not cover all aspects of Dr. Sharmika Saran’s life and career.

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